The SPIFI Foundation

Shanon - A Survivor, Thriver & Coach. Leaving a Legacy one project at a time.

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona at the Maricopa County Hospital for a $1.00!!! My mother was a struggling heroine addict, who just left my southern dad in Georgia. When I was 3 years old she married a man who was a struggling business owner but amazing mechanic. By time I was six years old we moved and together they built an empire, called Hondaworks. Many of you may remember the business on Southern & Center across the street from SkateLand. I was the little blonde kid running around answering phones, helping to annoy the mechanics by roller skating or skateboarding in their stalls" width="18"/>:-).  My step dad walked away from it all when I was 11 years old just days after my maternal grandma Shirley died. Later on you might of found me fixing my cars, hanging out or running parts for Jax, my mom’s boyfriend. 

I love cars, auto shops, fixing things, I can drive anything with wheels, and most things that go fast. I enjoy being silly, making my friends laugh. My music (eclectic taste) I listen to Rage Against The Machine, to Bach, I shoot guns, Rebel the statue quo, conformity only to the things that bring the greatest eternal joys, and have no fear in failing and failing big time. I see it as I tried and therefore because of that I’m the winner.

I enjoy exercising with people not so much alone, playing mortal combat, and well generally any kinda sport - I like trying new things, even if I can’t “catch the ball”. I also love real estate, escrow, lending, business, and the idea of a lot of things more than the reality of them. 

Most of all I love my Savior Jesus Christ, he is my King, my best friend, and my greatest fan. I love my son and the friends that have become family (even when we are all fighting with me - usually!) I am just so ornery, a fire starter an instigator even when sometimes it’s to my own detriment. Learning to submit was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Once I did, it was the greatest thing I ever did. 

I come from the Wild Side of things. Their is the good and the bad; well I come from the Wild ones.  My mother was wild, and my father well, even though he was wild himself, he needed to keep up with my mothers “intestinal fortitude” so to speak. 

I’ve found the greatest means of happiness while getting to keep all of my wild genes when I found the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was loved, accepted and found support in life. I was amazed at how the women opened up, were honest, and willing to love me. 

Those who know me, know I am a force to be wreckoned with, so when people learn that I am mormon their jaws drop! Literally! I’ve gotta say, learning to live and love the gospel was the easiest thing I ever did. It just really wasn’t so hard, I go to church, love on everyone, and then go home and love on those around me! Super simple! I repent (say sorry and try to do better) move on, and don’t let the shame of my imperfections hold me back anymore. 

I have been married, engaged, and separated, but most of all I’ve been single. Learning to live with someone has got to be my biggest challenge. I like it my way and the way God’s shown me. I read my scriptures in the morning, night and pray a lot! I love the Gilbert temple the most! It’s my Castle, seriously! These treasures have created the greatest happiness in all of my life. I love learning & teaching people how I overcame! 

I’m a combat fitness coach. I love telling people what to do, LOL! Coaches! We see the details, while keeping you motivated, and knowing what your opponents strengths and weakness are. 

I have lost many battles in life but Jesus always makes up for it within days to keep me happy and full of his grace and the HOPE. I invest as much time as possible with my sweet boy who means everything to me, training, friends, and of course, Jesus. 

A few years back (2015-2017) I was lucky enough to experience “what I call the torture chambers of EMDR” during  a routine healing process. In that process you get to re-live your trauma!!!!! Well, it stirred up some major memories, and re-activated PTSD trauma from being sexually & ritually abused as a child. That’s actually how I got started in fight training, to begin with. The punching helped me get the rage out, and utilimately became a therapy which lead into a massive healing source. I slowly gained confidence, my will power, the will to live, my desires for family, real estate, love, and more. This became my personal formula for putting “humpty dumpty” back together again and ultimately saved this Cinderella story from the tower of brokenness. 

Everything I am and ever will be is because of my Savior Jesus Christ. I honestly don’t know what I would be or who I might have NOT became with out the gospel and the foundation I found within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. 

Yeah I’m a mormon and well, it’s where I got my start. It’s where I found true happiness; it’s where I learned what love really was, looked like and more. It’s where I learned how to become a woman, mother, friend, and mostly - The Daughter of God that I am! 

I guess you could say, being mormon well it’s where I found my true self, and value. 

I don’t have to change anything about me to be here, to love my Savior Jesus, all I do is come as I am and love as I love, and the rest keeps falling into place. 

This is my home!!! I love everyone, and every religion and truth of light that exists, but being a mormon has brought me the joys of eternity, right in my own home. So when the worlds going side ways and everthing looks like it’s falling apart, I have peace in the storm cause my covenants with Jesus and my family are eternal, what’s more important than that? 

I’m getting in the “ring” for two reasons:

First, to show other abused women and children that you can do all things through Jesus Christ, they have a voice. Seriously, my story is all because of Jesus Christ, I mean, look at what’s he’s doing in me!

Secondly, since 2011 I’ve wanted to build an Orphanage for the “Shanon’s” of the world, but when my son was diagnosed with autism, I shifted gears and have designed a replica of Sunshine Acres in Mesa, AZ for Autistic kids. The SPIFI Foundation (

I hope this has helped you get to know me a little bit better. Thank you and all things really are possible because of Jesus Christ.