Not every team can say they are athletes themselves as well as give back to the community through special acts of service. 


Combat Fitness training is where we really shred and tread boring fitness and empower our clients with confidence and skills to protect themselves, family members, and friends from the bullies in everyday life. 


Working on the body, mind, spirit connections through alignments, massages, and the many modalities of healing. We are here for you and your healing through fitness, friends, and food for everyone. 

Team Leaders

Our Team is a group of unique athletic individuals with combinations of college degrees with Bachelors in Exercise Science, certified trainers, nutritionals, as well as CPR & First Aide certified. 

Our SPIFI Team are athletes ourselves ranging from College Football Athlete’s, Combat Sports, Martial Arts and Crossfiters. We are here to serve through our skills in fitness so others can serve as hero’s in their jobs. 

Coach Blake  

Fitness Director/ General Manager

Fitness Coordinator/Strength and Conditioning Coach 

Certified personal trainer, class instructor who specializes in coordinated workouts and injury prevention for our clients and has experience with NBA G – League Dance Team Sioux Falls Skyforce. Participated in football, baseball, track and wrestling. Blake brings with our team not only the physical athletic side but the knowledge in the actual physical therapy. 

Coach Shanon

Crossfire Coordinator / HIITS & Boot Camp Instructor

Prepares boot camp style / crossfire circuit training routines that incorporates the entire body, mind, & spirit for a fully functional prepared fighter/athlete. Shanon is a Certified  Personal trainer, kickboxing  & boot camp instructor and certified in sports nutrition. 

Motivational speaker, life coach, and  lobbyist / leader within the realms of” abused rights” as well as an armature boxer/grappler with Ultimate Fighting Challenge & sponsor of Rage in the Cage.

Coach Phoenix 

Trainer Coordinator / Martial Arts / Nutritionals

Certified personal trainer and Master of martial arts and nutritionals and life coach and motivational speaker, Phoenix brings the final closure on our team. He is an enlightened soul who has the intuition that it takes to harvest the total package results. 

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Why it started!

In an effort to heal herself, her family and those she loved, founder Shanon set out on a journey to begin paying it forward through fitness, trauma & food coaching. 

EVOLUTION - God Speaks

Shortly after coming out with her story, Shanon had to finish healing herself. In the process she changed and became more than she realized and started fighting to heal and now is boxing, grappling, and bodybuilding in and effort to show others the pathway to healing from the WAR WOUNDS in life. 

What NOW

Today we are aligning with others who have a passion for healing those broken within the sex trade and how to help them over come through FITNESS, FOOD, SHARING FEELINGS, AND TRAUMA COACHING. As well as doing little SPARRING 4 SPIFI Fundraisers around the world.